Social Entrepreneurship Testimony Series – Part 8

Social Entrepreneurship Testimony Series – Part 8

Testimony by June Laurel Ambs from Texas Lutheran University (TLU) Social Entrepreneurship Program 2016 Course

This talk inspired me to do more, study harder and keep trying. I really like how the company is an actual business (not a non-profit) but is still conscious and responsible and gives back. I think that VOS almost has more potential to make a difference in people’s lives than non-profits do.

Because it seems like they are developing people (through education and jobs) not just providing them with supplies. Supplies are great, but in a few years the situation will likely be the same. VOS is really neat because it seems like it develops the employees as well as the community that it is in. By educating their employees, then those employees can go spread that knowledge to their friends, families, and neighbors.

The community benefits from education. And this benefit can spread.  Also when Joey Flores spoke you could see the passion that he has for people. If someone goes through the motions of “helping”, but does not have the passion then I don’t think they will make as much of an impact. With Mr. Flores you could see that he really truly cares about people and about making a difference in his sphere of influence.

Even though none of us can fix the entire world, we can take one step at a time to do what we can to make the world a better place. VOS (the people behind it) does just this. Overall listening to the talk was inspiring, and showed how we can use our education to make the world a better place (you don’t just have to study a certain degree to be able to help people; anything you study can be used).  VOS sounds like a really neat company, and I hope to be able to make a difference like that one day.

About the TLU Social Entrepreneurship Program

TLU’s Bachelor of Arts in Social Entrepreneurship is part of their business school but also partners with their math, history, theology and communications departments to create specialized areas of concentration in Nonprofit Leadership, Arts for Social Change, Mental Health Community Interventions, and Faith, Culture & Diversity. The degree is interdisciplinary and prepares students for a career in the nonprofit or for-profit social venture arenas. Click here for more information.

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