Social Entrepreneurship Testimony Series – Part 12

Social Entrepreneurship Testimony Series – Part 12

Testimony by Suzanna M. Roberts from Texas Lutheran University (TLU) Social Entrepreneurship Program 2016 Course

When hearing Joey talk about VOS, I loved hearing his passion for why he started the organization and what it stands for. Learning about the humanitarian work that VOS does made me realize that a single person can make a difference, and that is exactly what Joey is doing. His business model was unlike any I had seen and his motivation to keep making a difference is unparalleled.

Even after the presentation, I still find myself thinking about what I can do in the world to create change like that of Joey and VOS within Guatemala and the United States. I would say that he lit a spark in a lot of the audience and left many people with the thought, “What can I do?”

VOS is definitely a company unlike many. I enjoyed learning about how they focus their work around the humanitarian aspects and do not let the for-profit side distract from their mission. I think numerous companies could learn a thing or two from VOS and include a do-good part of the company. As our discussion of International Development has emerged throughout the semester, it became very apparent how much companies such as VOS can do for underdeveloped countries.

By offering education, healthcare, and schools for children, VOS is helping not only the country but also the people who live there. The amount of support and encouragement offered through the organization is astounding and Joey should be extremely proud of what he has accomplished in just eight years. It is also inspiring that a TLU Alum did all the amazing work, thus bringing me back to wondering what I can do to be an inspiration to the next generation of social entrepreneurs at this amazing University. Through VOS, Joey has definitely accomplished the goal, “Live to Inspire.” I, certainly, left the presentation inspired and ready to create my own story.

About the TLU Social Entrepreneurship Program

TLU’s Bachelor of Arts in Social Entrepreneurship is part of their business school but also partners with their math, history, theology and communications departments to create specialized areas of concentration in Nonprofit Leadership, Arts for Social Change, Mental Health Community Interventions, and Faith, Culture & Diversity. The degree is interdisciplinary and prepares students for a career in the nonprofit or for-profit social venture arenas. Click here for more information.

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