Social Entrepreneurship Testimony Series – Part 11

Social Entrepreneurship Testimony Series – Part 11

Testimony by Amber Nicole Landrum from Texas Lutheran University (TLU) Social Entrepreneurship Program 2016 Course

For the VOS Company I found that it was interesting that they saw a problem and went their own way to help fix it. I love that they help support their employees and their families by more than giving them jobs. They have opportunities for Education and for health services when needed.

By taking care of their employees they are helping their lives improve, which means they can give back to their communities. Thus making it grow. VOS proves that it’s not all about the money that makes a business it’s about the quality of the company.

By investing in their employees they increase a happier living, which increases the quality of the work they do. I have a feeling like if all companies ran like this the entire world would develop into better people. Absolutely Love this company for what they do for their Employees!

About the TLU Social Entrepreneurship Program

TLU’s Bachelor of Arts in Social Entrepreneurship is part of their business school but also partners with their math, history, theology and communications departments to create specialized areas of concentration in Nonprofit Leadership, Arts for Social Change, Mental Health Community Interventions, and Faith, Culture & Diversity. The degree is interdisciplinary and prepares students for a career in the nonprofit or for-profit social venture arenas. Click here for more information.

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