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VOS product purchases support the Give Back Allies in delivering the essential school supplies and teaching curriculum needed to provide primary, secondary, high school and university education opportunities.


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School Supplies

For going to and from school, an essential item for students to have is a backpack as we can provide them binders, notebook paper, pencils, erasers, crayons, glue, markers, calculators, drawing tools, subject dividers, glue sticks, graphing paper, highlighters, index cards, water colors, pens, planners, supply boxes, protractors, rulers, pencil sharpeners, staplers and spiral notebooks.

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Primary & Secondary Education Programs

By partnering with Agro Salud Guatemala we have been able to design and support the programs which have been set in motion to provide the children which reside on the sustainable farms we source from with access to proper educational training which aligns with the Ministry of Education in Guatemala on a national level therefore facilitating their ability to transition to next stage of the education cycle.

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High School & College Education Programs

By partnering with Colegio Canadiense and Universidad Galileo we have been able to restructure and mobilize pre-established educational programs making them available on-site to the adults which are employed at the ethical manufacturing facilities in Guatemala therefore eliminating various key factors which have been historic barriers for these same individuals to acquire relevant diplomas.

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Training Programs Teacher & Professor

High quality teaching is vital for student success therefore we provide various elements of effective professional development and leadership which are critical for growing and supporting great teachers that comprise various steps of the educational cycle. Students deserve the best and our training programs provide educators with the right tools, mentors and hands-on experiences.

We believe in the power of education and through our innovative educational initiatives we equip teachers and invest in student resources. These are tools that work to improve both the quality and availability of education for communities in need.