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Introducing the Safiri Collection – an Afro-stylish collaboration between AFR Clothing and VOS® Flips!

Constructed from premium Guatemalan natural rubber, these Flips are surprisingly comfortable for carrying you through your daily journey. The Safiri Collection (Safiri meaning journey in the Swahili language) is the flagship launch for our new footwear line – Amani Steps of Hope – from which we dedicate 10% of our profits to educating children in Zimbabwe by the way of the Amani Hope Foundation. Summer time is calling for you to Look Good While Doing Good!


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The Safiri Flips (Amani Steps of Hope)

  1. Every sandal is made from 100% recyclable natural rubber sustainably sourced from Guatemala.
  2. 10% from each sale goes towards contributing to education in Africa by way of the Amani Hope Foundation for children.
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