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Joey is the Founder of VOS and the soul behind the idea of Afford To Care™ which is an enterprise model that helps others in need with every product or service purchased in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Formally known as José Alejandro Flores, our Founder was born with an unconventional identity by having charismatic parents of U.S. and Guatemalan nationalities, therefore inheriting dual citizenship of both countries from inception. This provided him with a bona fide unique perspective of the world from a very young age as he continually lived and traveled between the underdeveloped and developed worlds and has always been intrigued by global cultures, cuisines, languages and most importantly the realistic challenges which are faced around the globe.

After spending his childhood developing a firm foundation for his principles and values, he went on to acquire his International MBA and he habitually developed the skills required to be an effective international entrepreneur. In addition, he continually applies his invaluable knowledge acquired by his multi-national corporate experiences over the years and his ongoing exposure to a culturally diverse environment. 

For many years he volunteered his time as a linguistic translator with organizations that provide medical attention to rural indigenous communities in Latin America where he was able to identify an array of problems that are prevalent throughout the region. Being fortunate enough to acquire a formal education himself, our Founder is a huge advocate of education in all of its forms. Therefore he was empowered to build and support programs that provide educational opportunities to communities and individuals that do not readily have access to them. 

From his interest in global humanitarianism and sustainability to healthcare and education, Joey’s unique approach to life and business has awarded him with numerous accolades. At the Global Sourcing Council Awards in New York City, Dr. Zia Khan of the Rockefeller Foundation introduced Joey to the audience as “one of the most intriguing international entrepreneurs (I’ve) ever met.” In 2013, Joey and VOS were global finalist for the U.S. Secretary of State’s 2013 Award of Corporate Excellence (ACE). 

The Wall Street Journal featured Joey in its “World Latin America” edition and Joey also received the TLU Outstanding Young Alumni Award from Texas Lutheran University. In addition, Joey was recognized as “Entrepreneur of the Year” for the entire country of Guatemala by the Association of Guatemalan Executives, recognizing him as one of the top young international entrepreneurs regionally and globally. 

Joey is a global traveler, a cultural enthusiast and he is very passionate about inspiring others to help make today and tomorrow better for everyone. He continually encourages others to include giving and paying it forward in everything they do and his hope is to see a future full of socially conscious businesses and consumers, interacting globally.

As Joey continually says, “when you know better, you should do better.”