The inspiration of VOS as a brand name was directly inspired by the flavor of Spanish that our Founder speaks which is spoken in various regions of Central & South America. The “vos” expression actually means “you” as it is a colloquial version of the formal Castilian “vosotros” spoken in Spain.

The conception of creating ethical and sustainable products to initially represent the VOS brand was born more than a decade ago while our Founder was spending prolific time in Brazil and other South American countries. This time spent in Latin America directly inspired the concept of providing healthcare and education to the communities which comprise the ethical supply chain used in all VOS products.

Having philanthropic and eco-conscious principles ingrained since childhood, it was a very natural progression for our Founder to establish an eco-conscious brand that directly represents the lifestyle which has surrounded him. Hence, there was not a eureka moment in which he became inspired to establish VOS but instead it was his lifelong experiences that instinctively came together.

“We don’t want to change your lifestyle, we want your lifestyle to help change the world.” – VOS

VOS® Cares - Jimmy with Children