At VOS, we believe we can improve people’s lives globally through ethical and sustainable business practices and we have been signatories to the United Nations Global Compact (Global Compact) since Day 1 of our operations. Corporate Responsibility at VOS provides focus on the environmental and social impacts of our products and operations, responsible giving and improving the lives that comprise the supply chain through healthcare and education initiatives.

Founded in 2008, we completely understand the importance for our company to operate responsibly and know that the consumer marketplace seeks companies that work hard to continually integrate sustainable and responsible practices. Our ongoing efforts are focused on making sure that we operate in a manner that’s consistent with the Afford To Care™ principles.

As we’ve continuously disclosed, our products are sourced in Guatemala for various reasons due to our founding team’s affinity for both Guatemala and the United States. We are also aware of the challenges associated with overseeing a global supply chain and that is why we aligned our operations with the Global Compact from the onset. On an annual basis, we require our direct suppliers to certify that the materials incorporated into our products are procured in accordance with all applicable laws in the countries they do business in addition to the Global Compact.

Giving back to the global community is an important part of any Corporate Responsibility program. The story of What We Give Back is well documented on our website as well as through various externally validated organizations such as the U.S. State Department and the Global Sourcing Council in NYC. If you’re not already familiar with the Afford To Care™ principles we invite you to explore how your purchase of VOS products provides healthcare and education opportunities to those in need, by clicking here.

You’ll find VOS at sustainability conferences like SXSW and ethical industry gatherings, sharing best practices for responsible operations especially pertaining to the United States and Latin America. We also collaborate with outside experts to validate our practices and we’ve engaged respected third parties to review and verify our product manufacturers within our supply chain on a facility-by-facility basis to identify potential risks. Additionally, we maintain a presence in our suppliers’ facilities to insure that our standards are being met or exceeded, including, without limitation, to the Global Compact standards.

We’ve made important progress toward a sustainable and inclusive economy, yet a gulf still remains between where the system is today and where it needs to be. Leaders must focus on the opportunities and the untapped markets sustainable business brings. We need better future focus regulation, financial markets must re-gear towards long term values and consumers need to hold businesses to account. We need to inspire action and measure growth and prosperity beyond GDP. We need leaders who dare to challenge the status quo and set humanity on the best path towards the future.

As we look back on what we’ve done, we know that there is always plenty more to do going forward and we also know that we may not be able to change the entire world, but we can definitely change the world around us.